De screeningsmammografie
Welke resultaten zijn mogelijk


You will receive a letter with the result within two weeks after the examination.

There are two possible results:

1.    The radiologists found no breast cancer.
•    Most women get this result.
•    No additional examination is needed.
•    Two years later, you will receive a new letter for a new breast image, unless you no longer belong to the target group.
•    If you notice a change in your breasts in those two years, please visit your GP or gynaecologist. There is a chance that breast cancer will not be detected, or that it will develop between two examinations.

2.    The radiologists see something on the breast image that could be breast cancer.
•    An additional examination is needed to see if it is breast cancer. Your GP or gynaecologist will help you plan that additional examination.
•    In most of these women, an additional examination shows that there is no breast cancer.