De screeningsmammografie
Waar deelnemen?


Go to a mammography unit on the day and time of your appointment. Please bring your letter of invitation or a prescription from your GP and your identity card. 

Useful to know:
•    Do not use deodorant, body lotion or talcum powder on the day of the examination. They can affect the quality of the images. Do you use zinc ointment on your breasts? Stop using it 2 to 3 weeks before the examination.
•    Wear upper clothing that you can easily remove in the examination room.
•    Women and men work in the mammography unit. If you would rather be examined by a woman, please mention this.
•    The entire examination takes no more than 30 minutes, including changing clothes.

What can you expect from the examination?
•    At least two images of each breast will be captured: one from top to bottom and one from the side. 
•    To do this, each breast is compressed between two support plates for a few seconds. This can be unpleasant or even painful, but it allows sufficiently sharp images to be captured with very little radiation.

Dame aan het mammografietoestel


Foto van een schuine opname aan het mammografietoestel

           ©Photography : Dimitri Ferrest ; Modèle : Judith Bekaert

•    Once the mammograms are taken, the radiologist or employee checks their quality. If the quality is OK, you can get dressed and the examination is finished.
•    You and your GP will receive a letter with the result within two weeks after the screening mammogram.